why buy from greymancanvas?

premium materials make a premium product

Canvas prints have only a few components. We use only the strongest, most solid wooden frames available. Each frame has eight wooden wedges to add strength and tension to the finished product. Our tightly woven canvas is a superb material, adding depth, texture and interest to the image, which is printed using long lasting inks. We choose better quality materials as we want every canvas to be a long lasting feature in your home.

quality control (and our labour of love)

Every time we print a canvas, we check it. Every time we wrap a canvas, we check it. Before we box a canvas, that's right... we check it. Why? Because we're fastidious? Partly! But mainly because we want to ensure that every canvas we produce, we ourselves would be proud to take home and hang on our very own walls. We enjoy our work and enjoy seeing each canvas take shape. We're proud of our products and proud of a quality record that's second to none.

pricing (and how not to be greedy)

We're happy to be honest... in a very competitive market, you will find cheaper canvases. You will also find many suppliers that are much more expensive. We think we've got the balance of quality (and more costly) materials, service and price just about spot on. And don't forget about greed. We could get away with charging more, but choose not to. We believe that providing top value is key to a creating a happy customer base, thus ensuring a successful and growing young business.

efficient production means speedy delivery

Although we're a small business, we've concentrated on utilizing all the available tools to make our working day more productive, accurate and enjoyable. Most of our sales, canvas printing and despatching systems are automated using software created by ourselves. This reduces human error, helps keep costs down and gives us more time to concentrate on our three highest priorities... our canvases, our customers and our service. Plus efficient working means fast deliveries and a much more relaxing working day!

ethical and green, despite being grey

At greyman canvas, we're fully committed to going about our business in a positive and responsible manner. We understand that our actions cause reactions. We're careful to minimise waste, optimize efficiency and re-cycle everything where appropriate. Our wood comes from managed forests. Our boxes and paper are re-cycled. We even bank with the Co-operative due to their ethical policies. We don't hug trees... but we do like them!

flexible and friendly, small and approachable

If you need advice or suggestions, require further information, want a size of canvas not shown on our website or want to place your order over the phone rather than online, please give us a call on 01840 212 373. Kath or Phillip will be pleased to assist you. We're a small business and like to think of ourselves as friendly and flexible. However, despite embaressing attempts in our workshop, none of us proved to be quite as flexible as greyman. But then... he is a clay man after all!


greyman lives (and works!) at Atlantic Signs, Cornwall’s premier crafters of Slate House Signs (to see our slate signs, click here)

Atlantic Signs, Unit 1 Pentire Workshops, High Street, Delabole, Cornwall PL33 9BA
greyman will be busy making canvas prints, so please call Kath or Phillip on 01840 212 373, Mon - Fri, 9am to 5pm